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I encouraged and really like new efforts from our raising site. I have great importance of your writings. So do not hesitate, contact with us and share your writings. It is important to know these things: 


  • No tough requirements but content usually run between 400-800 words. Please remain under 800 words.


  • Inclusive, available, and usually useful. Take a look around and see what i have formerly released. I like actually technology related posts like- computer, software, latest technology etc.  


  •  I ask that content released be exclusive and exclusive to Technology news. I do not agree to content that have already been released or released elsewhere online or that you way to distribute to other sites.


  • Since i do not make up affiliates for content, we're more than satisfied to addjust a source box and your brief bio containing inbound links to your website, Facebook or myspace or fb or fb, Tweets content details, which i will enhance when your publish goes remain. Please keep your bio to just 2-3 terms. Technology news is a better source to advertise what you're doing and some of our affiliates have used their content into details provides and other amazing wellness-focused projects and profession. 


  • Contact with me, using my Contact Us tab. You can also contact us to learn more about system in my related.


  • Please send your post through email. That means you can paste the word document into your email or attach file. 


  • You should be share your own post with your friends and familiar through facebook, twitter, email, websites and any other way that can possible. It is better, if more person visit your posts, honestly it is also great for me. Technology news always take care about their guest author. 


  • I really like linking with new person. I can sure you, however, that i successfully analysis all individual distribution that i get. If your writing has been approved, i usually knock you within 5 days. You are welcome to publish again with a between article after these 5 days. 


  • By posting to Technology news you recognize that you also agree to my terms and conditions, and any way of modifying that must be happen on various things of the Technology news editor.

I am are waiting for your post. I accept one link on your posts. Thus i like to help you. Write for us, to earns your ability. Thank you!

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